Monday, December 1, 2008

stepping out, somewhat

Today I ran for the first time since October 26th.  Thats the longest I have gone without running in some time and I really missed it;  I missed it physically and mentally.  I went all of two (yes 2.0) miles on a cushy indoor track.  It was the first test of running with custom orthotics.  It will take some time to get used to, I am sure, because it feels very different, but this should be the ticket to long term foot health.  I ran one mile at about an 11:00 pace, then walked a lap or two, then ran the next at the same slow pace.  I didn't have any pain or soreness which was great.  Immediately afterwards I stretched and iced my arches for a few minutes just for good measure.  I realize this sounds overly cautious, but I have been bit by the "start running again before the plantar fasciitis has gone away" monster before and I want no part of it.  So, I will return to my training plan in a very methodical manner.  There's no rush since the first race I have coming isn't until next March.  I'll enter my 12 week program for that half marathon in January.