Friday, February 13, 2009

The week in review

If I said "this week was busy" I would be right.  Work was jumping with all kinds of ankle biting taskers and some crisis reaction here and there.  I was able to run three days during the week.  I'll do a short run tomorrow morning and my long run on Sunday of ten miles and that will put me on pace with where I should be for week 7 of the training plan.

I recorded a segment for RDR episode 4 earlier in the week but part of it was so bad with slap slap slap noise coming from some poorly placed bit of recording kit that I had to erase it rather than subject anyone who wants to listen to my podcast to that infernal repetitive racket.  So, I will record some more tomorrow and then get it processed and uploaded on Sunday.

There are so many new podcasts coming out and I feel bad because between doing my own and listening to the regular "cant miss" ones I am not getting to listen to all of them.  Part of the problem is I don't have a very long commute so on my way to and from work I only have about 20 minutes.  I know, that is a great problem to have, and I don't take for granted how wonderful it is to not have a life force sucking, horrifyingly long commute.  However, it doesn't leave me a bunch of time to listen to podcasts.  When I am at home I like to spend quality time with my wife.  I can't listen to podcasts at work, or anything else for that matter, because I am usually on the phone or talking with someone who has entered the puka or I'm headed to or from some meeting.  I do listen to podcasts some on my runs, but usually only on my long run.  On shorter runs I am typically recording for my own little podcast. 

I am also "behind" on catching up on all the blogs I would like to read.  Even with the use of an RSS reader that handily captures everything I want to read about in one handy page, there are more updates than I can keep up with.

Ahh, the information age.  It's a double edged sword.  Whatever you want is at your fingertips, but it can easily become too much.

I'm glad the weekend is here!