Tuesday, February 3, 2009

from "Spring" back to Winter

From 60 deg F on Sunday to 37 deg F today with snow flying, the past few days have been a real roller coaster.  I thoroughly enjoyed running in shorts the other day, but today it was back to full length tights, compression base layer top, and technical shell.  And hat.  So much for the Spring teaser we had.
I did some recording for RDR episode 3 on Sundays run and through the initial editing I've done I'm pleased with the audio quality.  I think it has improved over earlier episodes due to a few adjustments I've made.  I will probably get episode 3 out this weekend since I have recorded more than enough blather for one episode.
My training is going well and I'm pleased to report that after another 20+ mile week I have no arch issues.  I believe the stretch regimen and foot strengthening exercises I'm doing have plenty to do with that.