Saturday, January 17, 2009

When will summer get here?

Of course it is supposed to be cold.  It's January.  Be that as it may I am really looking forward to summer.  I got very excited the other day on my commute home because as the subway car I was riding came out from underground near Reagan National airport the sun was still over the horizon!  That means the "dark ages" are over and summer, warm weather, and boating can't be far behind!
I got my new digital recorder and mike in the mail yesterday and am excited to try them out.  I need to get a little piece of foam for the mike and I should be ready to record on the run.  I downloaded the mac version of audacity and will begin to play around with it.  All I really have left to do is get a hosting site set up and I think I will use podbean for that.  Once that's done I'll be ready to start podcasting.