Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking ahead

We've had a great Thanksgiving weekend spent with family and now my thoughts turn to upcoming training.  I've had a few physical issues of late which have shut down my running but thankfully all that appears to be behind me.  I plan to run the Shamrock half marathon in Virginia Beach in March 09, the USMC half marathon in Fredericksburg VA in May, and the USMC marathon in October.  For my training plans, I will use the Hal Higdon schedules.  I used his plan for my first half marathon this past March and it worked out very well, so I figure I will stick with a proven approach.  I will look for some local 5k's and 10k's to do that fit in well with my training schedule.  Today I filled in these training plans into my Buckeye Outdoors account and am excited to get going.